Fire Response & a warehousing
& distribution operation

Proven results on 
Lithium-ion batteries

Effectively extinguishes 
Class A fires

friendly products

What was the need?

Fire Response provides fire safety for a very well-known warehouse and distribution company in the UK. 

The client had concerns about the fire safety of the Lithium-ion batteries in the many handheld scanners that are used throughout the business and the increased risk when these units are on charge.

They had similar concerns about the small robots being used which are also powered by lithium-ion batteries, as well as the many products they store and distribute which contain these batteries.

The size of the client’s distribution facilities means ongoing reports and fire risk assessments based on Lithium-Ion batteries will be required. 

The solution

To date, 85 Firechief Lithium-ion Battery Fire Extinguishers and signs have been installed at various locations in a first stage UK trial, prior to an ongoing rollout program across the client’s distribution centres.

The benefits

The client now has a portable fire solution that all staff can access, which can be used very quickly and will deal effectively with small Lithium-Ion battery fires.  

Fire Response helped Warehousing distribution operation with concerns about the fire safety of the Lithium-ion batteries
Warehouse scanners use Lithium-ion batteries

Our Firechief Lithium-ion Battery Safety Range includes Lithium-ion Battery Fire Extinguishersfire blanketssuppression kits and fire resistant containers, these products are designed to put out and keep out Lithium-ion battery fires. For more guidance on what to use on certain applications, see our product selector.

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