The English Electric Motorcycle Company (Motorcycle Retailer & Repairs)

Read our case study on The English Electric Motorcycle Company and how we helped cover their EV Lithium-ion battery fire risk.

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What was the need?

Founded in 2010, The English Electric Motorcycle Company (EEMC) offers a full range of electric on-road and off-road motorcycles and mopeds.

The owner of the business was concerned about the Lithium-ion battery fire risk, particularly since a few years ago one manufacturer did have issues with faulty batteries which resulted in several motorbike fires.

The business also has a repairs section, so there was the need to cover the fire risk there too.

The solution

Lith-Ex extinguisher units were fitted, along with signs, within the works van and the workshop for health and safety reasons and the protection of EEMC staff.

The benefits

EEMC liked the idea of the AVD being environmentally friendly and were impressed with the thermal runaway barrier provided by the Lithium-ion Battery Fire Extinguisher.  They appreciated Firechief as a quality brand with a proven track record within the fire industry and were impressed with the knowledge of the issue of Lithium-ion battery fires.  

The English Electric Motorcycle Company - Case study: Lithium-ion Battery Fire Extinguishers

Our Firechief Lithium-ion Battery Safety Range includes Lithium-ion Battery Fire Extinguishersfire blanketssuppression kits and fire resistant containers, these products are designed to put out and keep out Lithium-ion battery fires. For more guidance on what to use on certain applications, see our product selector.

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