500ml Lith-Ex Fire Extinguisher

Model number: FLE500

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Compact and lightweight, the 500ml Lith-Ex fire extinguisher is suitable for use on smaller Lithium-ion battery devices such as tablets and mobiles. The 500ml size is the most popular as a home fire extinguisher. These fire extinguishers are hot work compliant.

Why do you need the 500ml Lith-Ex Fire Extinguisher?

Simply dropping or crushing your mobile phone can cause it to catch fire. Do you leave your phone on charge overnight? Overcharging and charging malfunctions can cause your mobile phone to catch fire! Lithium-ion battery fires can quickly exceed temperatures of 800°C – three times hotter than an oven!

The Solution…

  • Extinguish uncontrollable flames
  • Quickly cools the excessive heat
  • Prevents re-ignition

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