Premium Battery Fire Blanket

 The Lithium-ion Battery Fire Blanket is designed for use on Lithium-ion battery fires, although it may also be used as a precautionary measure whilst charging, transporting, or handling batteries and battery-operated devices.

  • Working temperature up to > 1000°C
  • Fireproof technical fabric with a fire-resistant coating
  • Fire resistant reinforced multi-layered edge lining
  • Fire-resistant industrial stitching
  • Eyelets for tethering or suspending
  • Handling loops on all corners
  • 3 sizes available

Model: PBB1 / PBB2 / PBB3

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Firechief Premium Battery Fire Blankets are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures in an oxidising atmosphere for a prolonged period of time as well as being robust enough to offer protection against potential debris and shrapnel expelled during a battery fire event.

The Firechief Premium Battery Fire Blankets are manufactured using fire resistant technical fabrics based on the highest temperature resistant silica glass fibres.

Flame deflection protection is added to these fibres as well as abrasion resistance utilising a variety of proprietry surface coatings. The non-flammable, vermiculite dispersion mineral-coated glass fabric is overlaid with a sacrificial protective silicone layer.

Testing has been completed on exposed Lithium-ion batteries up to 840 Wh.

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