What fire risk do e-cigarettes carry?

Image to represent the fire risk to e-cigarettes

What fire risk do e-cigarettes carry?

E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly common, with many converting to their usage from normal cigarettes thanks to their lack of tobacco and the variety of flavours that are also available. However, while they don’t use flames, they are still identified as a major fire risk due to the lithium-ion batteries inside them.

Incompatible chargers are a huge fire risk when it comes to e-cigarettes. They are usually found to be cheaper and potentially easier to get your hands on. However, these can result in the batteries exploding or the e-cigarette overheating which can cause a fire almost immediately.


When it comes to charging your e-cigarette:

  • Only use the charger that came with the product
  • Do NOT charge it overnight
  • Unplug once it is fully charged

In regard to the batteries inside your e-cigarette:

  • Never let the battery come into contact with metal items e.g. coins, keys
  • Do not mix a battery from one supplier to another
  • Dispose of carefully
  • Store removable and spare batteries in a plastic case to prevent accidental contact

It is important that you buy the right equipment, London Fire Brigade have advised to only buy vape equipment and chargers new, from reputable sellers, only use batteries recommended for your specific device as not all batteries are suitable.

Our Firechief Lithium-ion Battery Safety Range includes Lithium-ion Battery Fire Extinguishers, fire blankets, suppression kits and fire resistant containers, these products are designed to put out and keep out Lithium-ion battery fires. For more guidance on what to use on certain applications, see our product selector.

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