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What is the new major fire risk? E-bike Lithium-ion Battery Fire Safety

What is the new major fire risk?

Are you aware of the dangers that electrical devices pose to us and those around us? Today, we are all mindful of the environment and […]
Image to represent the fire risk to e-cigarettes

What fire risk do e-cigarettes carry?

What fire risk do e-cigarettes carry? E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly common, with many converting to their usage from normal cigarettes thanks to their lack of […]
Image of E-Scooters to show that the Transport for London bans e-scooters

Transport for London bans e-scooters

The London Fire Brigade has backed Transport for London’s ban on private e-scooters, which prevents them from being taken in to the capital’s transport network. […]
The Lithium Battery Safety Range can suppress e-scooter fires

Aviva issues warnings surrounding battery fires

Insurance company, Aviva is warning their customers to take extra care when charging electrical devices after multiple home fire claims have been made caused by […]
Why are Lithium-ion batteries a fire risk?
What causes Li-ion battery fires?
What to use on Li-ion battery fires
What is AVD and how does it work?
Which safety products do I need?

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