Firechief Fire Resistant Battery Carrier

Enables easy transportation of batteries with advanced fire safety features

  • Can accommodate 2 x Robattery 71.01 (Robel E3 Range)
  • Robust construction for daily use
  • Yellow exterior for maximum visibility
  • Shoulder strap included
  • Uses multiple layers of high-performance thermal textiles
  • Zip and buckle closures
  • Incorporates flame arrestors to contain flames while allowing free escape of flammable gases
  • Features transparent document wallet on side of bag

Model: FRBC1

SKU: 141-1062 Category:

The Firechief Fire Resistant Battery Carrier has been designed to accommodate two batteries (such as 2 x Robattery 71.01 (Robel E3 Range) batteries), providing a safe way to move lithium-ion batteries when working trackside or to and from site. The unique thermal construction of this high-performance carrying bag supports battery fire safety strategies including segregation and containment.

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