PyroFlow Active Fire Suppression Granules – 17Kg

Mineral-based fire extinguishing agent for metal fires and Lithium-ion batteries
  • Can be used to fight and suppress fires in Lithium-ion battery cells and flammable metals
  • A mineral-based suppression agent that is non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Will effectively smother and suppress fires including those involving Lithium-ion batteries
  • Effectively binds liquids and filters gases

Model number: PFA17

Mineral-based fire fighting agent for metal fires and Lithium-ion batteries

Firechief PyroFlow is a new and environmentally friendly suppression agent made from expanded glass granulate. It can be used for firefighting and preventative fire protection. It contains tiny internal pores which form a partially closed cell structure. Since the granulate is 100 % mineral based, it is non-combustible.

How does Firechief PyroFlow work?

By covering the fire load with Firechief PyroFlow, oxygen is separated from the combustible material. Firechief PyroFlow melts to form glass caused by the high temperatures released by such an incident. In the process, the granules absorb a lot of heat as they melt, thus cooling the fire, and at the same time forming an impermeable shell around the fire load, encapsulating it from further reaction.

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 150 × 400 × 800 cm

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